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Printing wordpress pages with gutenberg blocks

After adding my CV to this website I wanted to add a print button so visitors could PDF print it... Bekijk Artikel

Optional WordPress code snippets for functions.php

On this page I have compiled a list with optional code snippets for functions.php. This page is camplementary to the... Bekijk Artikel

Security tips for WordPress

WordPress is much used and vulnerable CMS targetted by hackers from all over the world. There are some basic thing... Bekijk Artikel

Maak je eigen custom Gutenberg block categoriën

De WordPress Gutenberg blocks zijn ingedeeld in logische groepen. Als je een plugin installeerd die extra Gutenberg Blocks toevoegd dan... Bekijk Artikel

Maak je eigen Gutenberg block met Advanced Custom Fields ACF

De Advanced Custom Fields ACF Pro plugin maakt het nu wel heel makkelijk om custom Gutenberg blocks te maken voor... Bekijk Artikel

Add Google reCaptcha to WordPress comments form

The Google reCaptcha helps to catch spammers. It is a simple and effective method. Here is how to add it... Bekijk Artikel

WordPress standard code snippets for functions.php

I have a compiled list of code snippets for functions.php which I use in WordPress projects. This list is for... Bekijk Artikel

Solve wordpress (theme) issues with these code snippets for functions.php

Remove widgets that keep showing up I had a case where a widget was displayed in the front-end but could... Bekijk Artikel